Highlights Air Tour

The Highlights Air Tour is an airplane tour departing from Las Vegas and shows you the unique beauty and contours of the western end of the Grand Canyon. Aboard the Vistaliner aircraft (specially equipped with extra-large windows) you have beautiful views of Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam and of course the Grand Canyon. The excellent price makes it a great and quick way to see the Grand Canyon.

Suggestion: Why not opt for a helicopter tour instead of an airplane tour? It's a unique opportunity to sit in a helicopter and all the way over the Grand Canyon! A great experience and the price difference is not that big either. For example, check out the Golden Eagle Air Tour.

Company: Papillon
Vehicle: Airplane
Tour time: 4 hours (from Las Vegas hotel pickup and return)
Online price starting: $209 p.p. (on location: $219 p.p.!)
Quality:4 star
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