Tips and FAQ

This page contains an FAQ (frequently asked questions) & Tips that you can take into account when booking a flight over/through the Grand Canyon.

- What is the advantage of booking a tour in advance via the internet?

  • First of all, you can be sure that you have a place in the helicopter at the time/day that you want. Especially in the high season, flights can already be full and you may have to book a flight. long wait for free seats. In addition, it is a lot cheaper if you book online (20% to 40% below the sales prices on site!). In any case, keep an eye on the Offers page on this website.
- What is the best period / best time of day to book a flight?
  • The weather is usually clearest in the morning and less turbulence. In the afternoon the chance of clouds (and thunderstorms in the summer period) is greater. In addition, the periods in the early morning and late afternoon are the most beautiful, because of the incidence of light from the low sun. However, the flights are often more expensive. There are no flights over the Grand Canyon during sunrise and sunset (sunrise/sunset).

- What happens if the weather is too bad to make a flight?
  • Your flight will be canceled and an alternative time will be discussed with you (eg the next day). If you do not wish this, you will receive a refund of the deposit (if applicable).

- Can I cancel my booking?
  • The reservation can be canceled free of charge up to 48 hours in advance. If you decide to cancel your tour, a credit voucher will be issued valid up to one year from the original purchase date.

- Why do I have to reconfirm my reservation 48 hours in advance?
  • This is done in connection with the expected weather conditions and also to ensure your attendance. The reconfirmation must (usually) be made by telephone.

- Can I reserve a certain seat in the helicopter or on the plane?
  • No, this is usually not possible. For helicopters, this is classified based on the weight of the passengers. You can reserve front seats on certain flights. These are front seats (next to the pilot).

- Where is the airport at the Grand Canyon NP/South Rim?
  • The airport at the Grand Canyon South Rim is near the town of Tusayan. This is approximately 9 miles from Grand Canyon Village.

- Where is the airport near Las Vegas?
  • The airport near Las Vegas is located near Boulder City. Usually visitors are picked up from their hotel by a tour bus and taken to the airport (and vice versa). Please note that on flights from Boulder City you often do not get to the "nicer" South or North Rim of the Grand Canyon (only the West Rim is served).

- Where is the airport located at Grand Canyon West Rim?
  • The airport at the West Rim refers to the Grand Canyon West Airport. It is located approximately 80 miles from Kingman.

- I have not received confirmation of the reservation in my email. What now?
  • First check that you have not received the email in your spam/junk mailbox. If not, please email Papillon (in English) at or use the chat form on their website (during US office hours).


  • When you make a flight reservation, you will be asked for your weight. Tell the truth about this. At check-in you will be weighed again as a check.
  • Places in the helicopter are allocated depending on the weight of your fellow passengers, due to the balance of the device. Therefore, places cannot be changed.
  • Bring your passport with you when you check in.
  • Leave your bags in the car (they are not allowed on board), and be sure to fill your pockets with extra batteries and film and/or media cards for your camera.
  • The flights are quite stable, even for people who are easily airsick. However, there are airsick bags available on board in case they are needed. Take your favorite motion sickness medicine with you if it helps to alleviate concerns.
  • For photographers; wear dark and solid colored clothing to minimize reflections from the window.

More questions? Also view the Papillon FAQ here.