North Canyon with EcoStar Tour

The North Canyon with EcoStar Tour uses the state-of-the-art and eco-friendly EcoStar EC130 helicopters. These helicopters have an almost 180-degree field of view, raised stadium seats and are also quieter. The tour goes through the Dragon Corridor to the Grand Canyon South Rim. At this point, the canyon is widest, deepest and most dynamic. If you ever wondered how an eagle would see the Grand Canyon, book this tour!

If you want a longer flight time (50 instead of 30 minutes) and therefore see more of the Grand Canyon, then choose Imperial with EcoStar Tour.

Company: Papillon
Vehicle: Helicopter. EcoStar model
Flight time: 25-30 minutes
Online Price starting from: $269 p.p. (at location: $279 p.p.!)
Quality:5 ster
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EcoStar EC130 helicopter at the The Majestic Tour