Papillon Grand Canyon Helicopters

Since 1965, Papillon Helicopters is the world's oldest and largest sightseeing company. Approximately 600,000 passengers fly annually on Papillon's Grand Canyon Tours. With over forty unique excursions - including visits to Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, Monument Valley, Page / Lake Powell and of course the magnificent Grand Canyon - Papillon is proud to be the largest operator and to show you the most beautiful natural wonders of the world.

Papillon's helicopters and airplanes are specifically designed for sightseeing with a number of on-board upgrades patented by Papillon itself. All tours offer recorded stories for passengers in 11 different languages, including Dutch. As a member of the Tour Operators Program of Safety (TOPS), Papillon adheres to flight safety rules and regulations that significantly exceed those set by the Federal Aviation Administration. Papillon offers suitable tours for every person to give you an unforgettable experience.


Papillon offers the following Tours:

Grand Canyon National Park (NP) Departure:
- North Canyon Tour
- North Canyon Tour with EcoStar
- Imperial with EcoStar Tour
- South Rim Airplane Tour
- Air Land Sunset Safari
- Scenic Canyon River Adventure
- North Canyon Helicopter with Harley
- Canyon Smooth Water Bus Trip

Grand Canyon West Rim Departure:
- Over The Edge Tour
- GCW Helicopter Landing with Park Entry

Las Vegas Departure:
- Golden Eagle Air Tour
- Grand Celebration Tour
- Grand Voyager Tour
- Highlights Air Tour
- Las Vegas Strip Helicopter tour
- Colorado River Voyage
- Eldorado Adventure tours
- Eldorado Mine & Ghost Town Adventure
- Golden Eagle & Vegas Strip
- Golden Eagle Skywalk
- Grand Canyon Deluxe
- Grand Canyon South Rim Bus Tour
- Grand Canyon West Rim Bus Tour
- Grand Celebration & Vegas Strip
- Grand Celebration Skywalk and Boat
- Grand Canyon Explorer and Eldorado Adventure
- Helicopter Skywalk Getaway
- Hoover Dam Bus Tour
- Hoover Dam Helicopter Air Tour
- Indian Adventure
- Sunset Grand Celebration Tour
- Sunset Grand Celebration & Vegas Strip

Page / Lake Powell Departure:
- Over the Rainbow & Lake Powell
- Top of the World at Tower Butte
- Navajo Monument Valley Air Tour

More tours and further information can be found on the Papillon's Website.

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