North Canyon Tour

This helicopter flight departs from Grand Canyon Airport in Tusayan, Arizona. This Northern Canyon tour takes you first over the Kaibab National Forest. This is the central region of the Grand Canyon, where the scenery is the most diverse and the views the most spectacular. The Grand Canyon is here also at its narrowest. The helicopter flies in the form of a loop, allowing all occupants on either side to enjoy the view and take great photos. Enjoy breathtaking views through the large windows as you fly over the mighty Colorado River to the north of the Canyon Rim. Behold the Tower of Ra and Vishnu Schist as you fly back through the Dragon Corridor. This is the part of the Grand Canyon where it is widest and deepest.

The North Canyon tour is the cheapest helicopter flight through the Grand Canyon.

If you want to make this flight with the new EC130 helicopter (better visibility, spacious seats and less noise), then you choose the North Canyon with EcoStar Tour.
If you want a longer flight time (50 instead of 30 minutes) and therefore see more of the Grand Canyon, then choose Imperial with EcoStar Tour.

Company: Papillon
Vehicle: Helikopter. Bell Long model
Flight time: 25-30 minutes
Online Price starting from: $229 p.p. (at location: $239 p.p.!)
Quality:4 star
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