Grand Discovery Air Tour Tour

The Grand Discovery Air Tour is operated with a small Vistaliner aircraft. The tour departs from Grand Canyon NP Airport and is a very affordable way for families and individuals to experience much of the Grand Canyon National Park (Central and East). The Vistaliner aircraft are equipped with large windows where you have a perfect view of the breathtaking Grand Canyon from every seat.

Suggestion: Why not opt for a helicopter tour instead of an airplane tour? It is a unique opportunity to fly in a helicopter! And that too above the fantastic Grand Canyon! A great experience and the price difference is not that big either. For example, take a look at the North Canyon Tour.

Company: Papillon
Vehicle: Airplane
Tour time: 45-50 minutes
Price online starting: $169 p.p. (at location: $179 p.p.!)
Quality:4 star
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Route Grand Canyon
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