Grand Canyon NP/South Rim Departure

When you visit the South Rim of the Grand Canyon (near the Grand Canyon National Park and the village of Tusayan), it is recommended to book a helicopter flight from Grand Canyon NP Airport. This airport is approximately 8 miles/20 minutes drive (by car) from Grand Canyon Village in the National Park. Flights from the South Rim are usually experienced as the most spectacular because this is where the Grand Canyon is at its best.

The following Tours depart from Grand Canyon NP Airport:

With Papillon:
- North Canyon Tour & Private!
- North Canyon Tour with EcoStar & Private!
- Imperial with EcoStar Tour & Private!
- Grand Discovery Air Tour
- Canyon and River Adventures Tour
- Grand Canyon Coach and River Trip
- Grand Discovery Rim to Sky
- The Signature Tour
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Comparison Populair Tours

Time (min.):
25-30 $229 Bell Long heli
25-30 $269 EcoStar heli
45-50 $339 EcoStar heli
45-50 $169 Airplane

The difference between the tours is mainly in the type of helicopter and the duration/route of the flight (see image below).
The newer EcoStar helicopter has better visibility, spacious seats and is quieter than the Bell Long Ranger helicopter.

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