Golden Eagle Air Tour

The Golden Eagle Air Tour is perfect for Las Vegas visitors who want to see as much of the Grand Canyon as possible in a short amount of time. From the heliport near Las Vegas, you will fly over the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and of course through the spectacular Grand Canyon. In this tour, state-of-the-art EcoStar EC130 helicopters are flown. These helicopters have an almost 180-degree field of view, raised stadium seats and are also quieter. The EC130 is the safest and most comfortable (tourist) helicopter in the world. The excitement is high as you fly like a bird low through the Grand Canyon.

This tour also includes the opportunity to visit the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

If you want to make this flight in combination with landing at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, choose the Grand Celebration Tour.

Company: Papillon
Vehicle: Helicopter. EcoStar model
Tour time: 3 hrs. (from Las Vegas hotel pickup and return)
Price online starting: $359 p.p. (at location: $389 p.p.!)
Quality:4 star
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