Grand Canyon Helicopter Crash - Safety

In 2018 there was a crash/accident with a Helicopter in the Grand Canyon that resulted in deaths and injuries.
Despite the crash, flying in a helicopter is very safe.
As because it is assumed that there are many dozens of flights above the Grand Canyon every day, then the list below is even very relative.

Crashes / Accidents in the Grand Canyon (since 2000)
16/4/2000: Papillon (no injuries)
18/9/2000: Papillon (1 slightly injured)
10/8/2001: Papillon (6 dead, 1 seriously injured)
28/5/2002: Papillon (pilot injured)
5/7/2003: Sundance (4 injured)
20/9/2003: Sundance (7 dead)
12/7/2004: Maverick (no injuries)
3/10/2005: Maverick (no injuries)
27/9/2007: Maverick (three slightly injured)
5/11/2007: Maverick (no injuries)
3/3/2009: XEBEX (no injuries)
6/12/2009: USA Airways (no injuries)
30/9/2010: Maverick (no injuries)
7/12/2011: Sundance (5 dead)
10/5/2014: American Aviation (1 dead, 1 seriously, 5 slightly injured)
18/5/2014: Papillon (pilot dead)
10/2/2018: Papillon (3 dead, 4 seriously injured)

In addition, reports show that the safety of (non-)commercial helicopter flights has increased drastically in recent years due to updated helicopter technology and stricter regulations.

Sources: Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) & United States Helicopter Safety Team (USHST)